1/2 and Full Shares

Due to electrical issues with our oven we are unable to provide our regular dessert and are currently only able to make bread, because it uses a different oven set up. so please see what we are offering currently among our artisan breads.

Our Pricing: Our prices are based on paying fair and equal market pricing for ingredients, and paying a fair and equal living wage for labor, because of this all of our products are priced according to ideals of equality across industries and individuality, in order to keep all equal, and in order to stand by our business ideals we are committed to paying fair and equal prices for our ingredients, in order to do so our prices reflect these ideals.

1/2 Share.

Items included in a 1/2 Share:

  • 1 Artisan Loaf
  • a mixture of both Cookies, and Cupcakes

1/2 Share


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Email me: blueoxbake@gmail.com

Full Share

This share program is intended for families of four or more

  • 2 Artisan Bread Loaf.
  • A mixture of both Cookies, and Cupcakes.

One Share


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Email me: blueoxbake@gmail.com