Community Supported Share Programs

Community Shares

A community share program is a way of ordering products from a micro bakery, better known as a home based bakery, where the risks of production is shared by both us the bakers and you the consumer, make us co-producers in a very spiritual journey with food. How it works; as a new bakery with limited resources in an industry where if not planned properly, can risk closer due to not planning for all situations. Though we do know how much it takes financially to produce our products, we can’t ever be sure whether product will sell or not based on an inability to know others needs at any given moment. While most bakeries open as store fronts and can be very successful when they open, if they have a fallowing prior to opening which can carry them through their first two years of business. By choosing to open as a Community Supported Bakery, this allows us to only produce what is ordered, when it is ordered. In turn this reduces the amount of product we make at any given day, and ingredients thrown away from being on the self past its shelf life date.

Our Shares!

We offer our shares on a week to week, and monthly bases in order to provide a choice to community members wanting the choice. Our week to week share’s are as they sound, we’re you can either purchase one or multiple weeks at once. Our Monthly Shares are were you purchase for a month at a time, you will receive weekly delivers for the month you have purchased. If you Purchase a monthly share, all shares purchased by. the first of the month receive’s a delivery every week of that month no matter if the month has four or five weeks, if a share is purchased after the first of the month shares only include 4 weeks from the day of purchase.