Meals For Justice

Meals For Justice

What is Meals For Justice: Meals For Justice is a program started during the trial of Derek Chauvin, in order to help support those working to ensure justice for George Floyd and his family. During the trial, another young man by the name of Daunte Wright, and in response we expanded the Meals For Justice program to include all families and individuals affected by civil unrest caused by Police Brutality, Social Inequity and Injustice.

As the Political climate seems to be ever changing here in Minnesota, and as many things have changed we have extended Meals For Justice to be a continues program for all social justice and equity activists, Social Justice Protester, Allies, Accomplices and families effected by social inequity, police brutality, protesting which in turn in many cases cuts them off from basic food resource.

Request a meal: If you are part of the movement for social equity and justice please email, to set up meals of text Chef/Baker Adam at 612-987-6321 with inquiry.

if you wish to become involved please email the Blue Ox Bakery directly a

If you are un able to help in Minnesota yet wish to donate directly to Meals For Justice, by donating below.

Donate to help: e-mail us at