Electronic Gift Cards!

We offer Electronic gift cards starting at $5.00 increments!

If you are looking to purchase a gift for a friend, family member, or loved one, and would like to support a local business, yet are unsure what they may like? Then consider purchasing a gift card, it’s a great way to support local businesses while giving a gift which is flexible for the recipient!

Community Supported Investment Gift Cards!

If your looking for a great way to invest in local businesses like the Blue Ox Bakery, without having to risk investment in the business of food service, we offer what are called Community Supported Gift Cards(CSGC). What are CSGC? they are a way for community members to purchase items in larger increments with them being made, and delivered at a latter date. specifically CSGC’s are specifically gift cards purchased in specific increments which give us working capital prior to purchase of specific items or subscriptions.

CSGC’s can also be given as gifts to friends can be split to multiple gift cards after initial purchase as gifts to others, and can be gifted to local charities if you wish.

CSGC’s must be purchased in amounts of and recieves a discount with the corresponding promotion code’s:

  • $100.00- Promotionn code: CSBDISCOUNT1. all purchases between $100.00-$399.99 receives $10.00 off purchase.
  • $400.00- Promotion code: CSBDISOUNT2. All purchases between $400.00-$799.99 receives $30.00 off purchase.
  • $1,000.00- Promotion code: CSBDISCOUNT3. All purchases above $1,000.00 receive 15% off total purchase with a max discount of $100.00

Benefits for the Blue Ox Bakery:

  • Working capital on a day to day bases, making the purchasing of ingredients much easier.
  • Building of stronger relationships with our most regular customers.
  • Raising our ability to help more families in need with in the metro are.

Benefits For Customers:

  • A gauranteed Gift Cards never expire, ability to purchase products at a discount.
  • CSGC’s are discounted for your benefit.
  • ability to choose when your future purchases are made and delivered when purchased with your investment.

All discount codes are good through the end of 2021, and gift cards once purchased and activated don’t expire. To purchase either a regular gift card click the purchase here button below below and follow the check out process, or a CSGC follow the purchase here button below follow the check out process but where it asks for promotion code, use the promotion code which corresponds with the amount range you are purchasing.

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