Attention Community: Currently the Derek Chauvin trial Is currently going on, and because of our mission and our belief, to not only be Allies in the fight for social justice, but to also be complicit in fighting for change through fueling the movement with food. So all currently protesting to insure the conviction of Derek Chauvin, and those working on the case to insure justice and equity is upheld, we are providing meals on a first come first serve bases until the end of the trial! If you are in need of food during the efforts please text 612-987-6321 for what we are serving currently, how many meals we have left and the fastest response in order to get you food during protests.

Bakery Address

The bakery studio is around back and is most easily approach through the ally or walking around from the front. we do though ask, the Blue Ox Bakery Is a Cottage food bakery and is attached to a residents, we do ask that you come by Monday- Thursday during our set times. please check our production schedule for more information.

2928 34th Ave, S.
Minneapolis,, MN 55406

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