Community Programs And Charity

2928 34th Ave, s.
Minneapolis, MN 55406

About our community! And how we get Involved?

Here at the Blue Ox Bakery the community around us in which we work, serve, and build around us, is very important to us that they are as involved with the Blue Ox Bakery as much as possible, as well the rest of the community around them. How we have chosen to do so is through 2 major ways; first by developing and implementing programs which allows consumers to directly donate part of their subscription to a family in need of help getting essential foods to live. and by donating both our time and part of our profits to groups working towards the same goals as our own. As well in order to minimize food waste as much as possible any and all over stock we have is donated to families in need of food.

Community Program Shares

We are currently running one program based on the Italian concept of Caffe Suspeso we are calling Pane Suspeso in honor of this Italian tradition, though we are developing other programs as well, which we are taking time to insure each program maximizes direct community benefit, our current community program shares are meant to create opportunities to be involved in our work to change the world with positive, direct action. most of our programs are ways to donate food directly to individuals and families in need of help with buying food.


Like all community work, there are a few charities and initiatives in our community we directly work with on a regular bases. We currently work directly with the Bakers Without Borders-TC chapter here in Minneapolis, Minnesota getting what food we can to those in need most. We also currently donate 15% of all profits to BLM, and 10% Other charities working toward social justice and equality for all.