About the founders

Welcome to the Blue Ox Bakery Cottage Food Producer! A cottage food bakery, crafting Old world style bakery products delivered directly to your door-step, dedicated to social justice and fighting inequality with food! Check out our vision and mission after getting to know the owners a bit.

Baker Adam “The Bearded Baker” Majewski
Asma A. Abdille

Adam J. Majewski

Raised predominantly in the U.S.A, Adam Majewski is a classically trained baker from Minneapolis, MN. Attending Minneapolis Community And Technical College for his Culinary studies, Chef/Head Baker Adam worked his way through many a different station through his career, yet settled on Baking due to his ability to excel quickly through training, and focus in Culinary school and his love of the technical artistry which came with the job. Chef/Head Baker Adam Eventually ended up meeting Asma Abdille, and both wanting similar out comes for their careers, as well lives, joined forces to create a wonderful business of love for the community.

Asma A. Abdille

An extraordinary young woman born and raised predominantly in Somalia, living mostly a nomadic life in her youth. After contracting tinnitus at the age of 14 years old, which developed in to auditory neuropathy hearing loss, she came to America for treatment and a better life. Working towards opening her own business she partnered with Baker Adam in order to work together and collaborate to create a community hub that can support not only her self and her family, but also the community that supports her.