Welcome To The Blue Ox Bakery!

Business transparency update April 29th 2023! We are currently closed until further notice to take care of a few family matters and will be opening again once things calm.

Covid-19 Response

Under current conditions, the Blue Ox Bakery will be following state guidelines and CDC guidelines going forward, and will be handling all business dealings according to those current guidelines until further notice! We apologies for any inconveniance, however we must put the safety of the communities around us we work in as priority over personal, and individual comfort. As a business we choose Community Safety, and the safety of those we directly work with over profits.


The vision of Blue Ox Bakery is to see a world without social inequality and injustice across the board.


The Blue Ox Bakery Aspires close the social inequality gaps in today’s society, by using food to help change the way people think about our history and the future ahead, and to make real time change through supporting organizing in our community to ensure all in our community have equal rights, equal justice, and are treated the same as everyone else without having to fear for their life. while working for social change we also choose to live and work in a truthful narrative of our community, not one that gives advantage to one group of people over another in working for positive change through the commonality of bread and baking in general, as well developing understanding that we are all the same, all you need is to be open to our similarities.


A CSB is not simply a bakery, but one in which the risks and rewards of the enterprise are shared. It’s true that local bakeries are supported by people in the community around the shop buying loaves, but only as and when they feel like it. For a bakehouse or bakery to be considered a CSB there must be a greater level of involvement and commitment shared between consumer and bakery. There needs to be some blurring between the ‘me baker and you customer’ line, with each becoming what the Slow Food movement would call a co-producer.

All in all, a community supported bakery, is bakery which sells its fare through programs using the CSA business model, where community members come together to participate in buying bakery products in a weekly delivery and purchasing program in a preordered format. This in turn lowers waste for the environment, lowers cost for the end consumer, and creates a more secure income for the baker.

The inspiration for Community Supported Baking comes from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which The Soil Association describes as “A partnership between farmers and consumers where, at best, the responsibilities and rewards of farming are shared.”

As a micro-bakeries take on a similar business structure as a local business, this same principal is applied in the same way. making it much safer financially for both the baker and consumer.

Owner and Baker: Adam “The Bearded Baker” Majewski

Neighborhood based in: Longfellow.

Address: 2928 34th Ave , S. Minneapolis, MN. 55406


Local bakery bussiness that is operated by a husband and wife. This couple have the best artisan bread and other baked goodies to offer that are for sale on there website. Please show this couple your support there baked goods are absolutely fantastic. I work with the wife of this bussiness she is a kind hearted individual and her husband is very nice too. Show this bussiness some love. Hoping to see more positive reviews for Blue Ox Bakery!!!!Keep up the great work!!!

yelp review-Vincent E.

Blue Ox Bakery is a true artisanal bakery. The breads are crafted to perfection and the cupcakes are absolutely fantastic! They know their craft!

Posted by Greg M. Silverman on Monday, August 3, 2020