Attention Community: Currently the Derek Chauvin trial Is currently going on, and because of our mission and our belief, to not only be Allies in the fight for social justice, but to also be complicit in fighting for change through fueling the movement with food. So all currently protesting to insure the conviction of Derek Chauvin, and those working on the case to insure justice and equity is upheld, we are providing meals on a first come first serve bases until the end of the trial! If you are in need of food during the efforts please text 612-987-6321 for what we are serving currently, how many meals we have left and the fastest response in order to get you food during protests.

Before Proceeding: We are currently going under a few changes, and we ask that you please bear with us. All orders until we have updated our online payment process with updated prices we will be taking all orders via e-mail at, blueoxbake@gmail.com, and by phone at 612-987-6321. If calling in orders please leave a detailed message with a contact number so that we can finalize your purchase. Thank you for your patience.

The Blue Ox Bakery!

Welcome to the Blue Ox Bakery, a Community Supported Bakery based here in Minneapolis, MN. We first Opened August 27th, 2020 as a Cottage Food Bakery, Regulated by the Minnesota Cottage Food Production Laws, which allows small time preserved food producers and small batch bakers to open and produce their products from their own homes. Taking advantage of the ability to open their own place with lower start-up requirements, and their training to do creating and offering the best bread and pastries this side of town, at a small batch capacity, in a safe and community based setting.

Owners and Bakers: Asma A. Abdille and Adam “The Bearded Baker” Majewski

Main Neighborhood: Longfellow.

Address: 2928 34th Ave , S. Minneapolis, MN. 55406


Local bakery bussiness that is operated by a husband and wife. This couple have the best artisan bread and other baked goodies to offer that are for sale on there website. Please show this couple your support there baked goods are absolutely fantastic. I work with the wife of this bussiness she is a kind hearted individual and her husband is very nice too. Show this bussiness some love. Hoping to see more positive reviews for Blue Ox Bakery!!!!Keep up the great work!!!

yelp review-Vincent E.

Blue Ox Bakery is a true artisanal bakery. The breads are crafted to perfection and the cupcakes are absolutely fantastic! They know their craft!

Posted by Greg M. Silverman on Monday, August 3, 2020